Projects & Campaigns

001 – Operation Pit Stop @ ASA

Tactical Urbanism  |  June 2017

002 – City Dreamers

Public Art  |  August 2017

003 – Park O’ Pipes

Tactical Urbanism  |  Sept. 2017

004 – Over & Under @ ASA

Tactical Urbanism  |  Sept. 2017

005 – Cascade Bus Stop Shelter

Mobility  |  August 2018

006 – The Resplendent Playscape

Recreation | July 2019

007 – ASA Cascade Rehab Project

Tactical Urbanism  |  September 2019

Program Areas

We pursue equitable interventions that advance positive interactions within the built and social environment of a community. We design urban environments. With every project that we pursue or facilitate, we consider five key principles to nurture vibrant public space: Culture & Art, Access, Nature, Safety, & Activity. Our charitable activities are divided into the following programs:

Pillyr Action

Design + Build. Identifying, designing and building better public spaces in partnership with neighborhood residents. Pillyr Action projects deliver temporary and permanent interventions through urban design strategies, improved mobility amenities, public art, and amplifying nature on site.

Pillyr Engagement

Community + Experience. Events and workshops that engage stakeholders and facilitate resident-led public space projects that fit within the scope of our mission. These engagement activities include community meetings, public design charrettes, dérives and neighborhood tours, as well as project build days.

Pillyr Resources

Web Tools + Analytics. How can we enable access to tools that the general public can use to improve public space in their neighborhood? Web technology can provide avenues to increase engagement and pooling of resources, while mapping and data visualization can help stakeholders with decision-making.

Our Team

Daniel Snider

Founder / Designer
Executive Director

Sammy Shams

Project Manager
Resilience Lead

David Moore

Project Manager
Installations Lead

Board of Directors

Sammy Shams

Board President

Holden Spaht

Vice President

Daniel Snider

Temp. Secretary

David Moore

Board Member

Laura Quade

Board Member

Dane Uhelski

Board Member

Community Partners