Bus Stop Shelter for Cascade Heights

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Perspective photo of bus stop shelter in cascade heights

What began as an inquiry by Atlanta’s former Chief Bicycle Officer in December 2017 would later develop into our participation in a pilot project of the Placemaking Program, an Atlanta Department of City Planning initiative announced in early 2018.

Over the course of 5 months, we develop a variety of potential proposals for locations in Cascade Heights & N.Highland / Amsterdam. The project scope was eventually narrowed down to developing a bus stop shelter to accommodate local commuters of MARTA bus route 71. As one of the busiest routes in the MARTA bus system, the Cascade Heights Business District as a corridor, in particular, lacked a bus stop shelter to provide residents some shelter from the elements.

Community meetings were hosted and managed by Atlanta City Studio, which operates out of Cascade Heights and also oversaw management of the project. As design-builder, we handled the fabrication and subcontracting of the shelter’s components, and also managed concrete work on-site to anchor the structure for installation. The project was completed for less than $17,500, and all labor was provided pro-bono by our core team and helpful volunteers. The agreed design for the bus stop shelter was delivered, and after a few final changes requested by the city, we finished our first long-term project and only one for 2018. We left Cascade Heights with a valuable street amenity that improves their experience as users of public space and riders of MARTA. Expect more to come for 2019!

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