Pillyr Launch, A Roadmap to Our Future

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Pillyr Launch Blog Image half shows bus stop waiting area and second shows recycling plastic into tiles.

Earlier this spring, The Pillyr Foundation fulfilled its regulatory obligations to be recognized as a 501(c)(3) public charity with the City of Atlanta, State of Georgia, and the Internal Revenue Service. What does this mean? We can finally solicit charitable funding beyond an annual limit of $25,000, which we were limited to prior to our status change. Our potential is restricted by our current resources.

We strive to take our mission to new heights and that requires funding, new partnerships, professional services, capital investments, dedicated workspace, and most importantly paid staff. Since our inception in the summer of 2017, we have operated as an all-volunteer organization, bootstrapped our way to become a public charity, benefited from in-kind donations, and received a significant amount of pro-bono services & volunteer time that saved us over $100,000 in expenses. Going into the future we will invest in long-term strategic planning, launching new programs, and becoming a more effective organization that maintains the confidence of our supporters.

Securing our public charity status is an important step in the life of a nonprofit as it is almost a prerequisite for foundation grants and some government funding. Going into 2020, we will also have three years of financials to support our fundraising efforts but depending on the same support streams is a recipe for failure. It is important to us that residents from all walks of life support our mission and we hope to justify that faith for many years to come.

The first step in our process to scale the resources available to us will be the introduction of Pillyr Launch, a roadmap and capital campaign landing page that will reflect our long-term goals, strategic investments, recruiting goals, and other organizational targets that will set us up for future success. This public page will also share project opportunities, partnership goals, and other ways for you as supporters to get involved. Would you like to volunteer with our projects? Interested in upvoting ideas that could become future project priorities? This hub will present those prospects and more! It will be launched later this year once strategic planning has concluded and will be frequently updated.

To help us on our way supporters can make a tax-deductible contribution today. Can you offer pro-bono services to help our organization grow? Do you have a project that is within the scope of our mission that we should consider? Contact us today.

We cannot wait to reveal our plans and look forward to working with you to deliver better public spaces within our communities!

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